The Alchemy Paradox - EP - 2013

by Space Witch

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    Words by Aaron (Sludgelord)
    Well for me, Space Witch kind of reflects what Sludgelord is all about: an unknown bringing it big time, nothing fancy just fat riffs, full of hooks and packed full of variety, dispelling the myth that instrumental music is boring. Honestly, the opening riff kicks you in the guts and if you ain't got riffs, you ain't got shit. Space Witch have got whatever it is in spades. It's bands like Space Witch that make me embrace the sludge stoner doom scene and the underground scene in equal measure.
    Words by Rogier (Stonerobixxx)
    Space Witch is an instrumental 5-piece from Stoke on Trent (UK). Their new EP Alchemy Paradox sounds like the bands name; Spacey and evil.

    When I turn on the first track, the raw and heavy sound of the band reminds me of the good old Capricorns (which was also a UK based band). But Space Witch has their own vibe going on.

    The first two songs of the EP are mostly built around riffs and chords repeating over and over. By keeping the music relatively simple and with guitars that sound so heavy and raw, the band creates a dark and spacey atmosphere. Don't expect traditional songwriting here. With songs that last around 13 minutes, it's about getting you hypnotized and giving you a one way ticket to space.

    Even though the doom and drone of Hang the Witch and Cosmic Cauldron are a real pleasure to listen to, my favorite track of Alchemy Paradox is the 3rd and last one; Black Pyramid. The song is more based on groove and is much more varied, and sounds a little bit more stoner than the rest of the EP.

    The production on this thing is freaking raw, a little too lo-fi for my taste. The drums are pushed to the background cause the guitars are so massive and loud. But hey, it fits the band.
    Words by Tom (Sleeping Shaman)
    You’ve got to have a good sense of humour with a name like Space Witch, haven’t you? With the market on prime ‘Bong’, ‘Witch’ and ‘Goat’ aided doom band names growing ever smaller, a band utilising these kinds of suffixes needs to really stand out of the pack musically to get noticed these days. Goat Witch. Goat Bong. Bong Witch. Bong Goat… apologies if any of these are actual bands, but you get the idea. I know I’m not the only person whose first reaction to another addition to the GoatBongWitch family is an extended, exasperated sigh. So, how will Space Witch fare?

    On the one hand (and this almost certainly says more about my own prejudices than anything else) I had envisioned terrible, plodding trad doom from Space Witch, having never heard them before. Perhaps trad doom with a guy chanting ‘rites’ about the Salem Witch trials, or some intergalactic, cross-dimensional romance between a Princess Leia type and the eponymous witch. But my fears were soon allayed upon putting this record on; rest assured, there’s nothing funny about this latest release from burgeoning cassette label Cosmic Tomb (who have previously released the excellent Trollkraft’s Bogs and Brimstone EP). Stoke’s Space Witch (est. 2008) are an instrumental 5-piece who weave together a lot of ideas and mighty riffs over the course of this 3-track (and really rather good) EP.

    The Alchemy Paradox sticks loosely to a theme (see song titles: “Hang the Witch”, “Cosmic Cauldron” and “Black Pyramid”) and to a musical formula too, but without ever becoming formulaic. The latter song in particular bucks a trend, for example, by staying relatively pacey, never shedding BPM in its singular, driving vision, akin to some of Kyuss’ more tumultuous moments. But it’s the opening two songs in particular that strike a doom-filled chord with this listener. After a tempestuous start, “Hang the Witch” settles into a laid-back crawl which carries on through to “Cosmic Cauldron.” In both songs, riffs start up, cast their slow enchantments and then either swell up as the distortion builds or fall back to make way for the next progression. In this sense Space Witch bring to mind Bongripper’s progressive, exploratory take on doom. “Cosmic Cauldron” features a disorienting and Ouroboros-like downwards spiral of notes, slowly pulling you down into a stupor before “Black Pyramid” blows away the cobwebs, taking you on a fast-paced whirlwind-tour of the cosmos.

    The irony is that my initial scepticism about Space Witch’s name has long since been forgotten and I’ve actually used such pompous phrases such as “cast their slow enchantments” and “taking you on a fast-paced whirlwind-tour of the cosmos” in my attempt to describe the band’s EP, which suggests that this is a band for whom prejudices should be left at the door. The bottom line is that Space Witch are a great band who should do well with this new lineup, and fans of instrumental doom and sludge would be very well advised to check out The Alchemy Paradox and support the good folks at Cosmic Tomb Records because this sort of goodness needs to be encouraged.

    Now cue a snappy closing sentiment about the band casting a spell on you. Sigh…
    Words by Steve (Sludgelord)

    Space Witch are a band who I have been aware for a while now. I heard some of their stuff from a couple of years back and then nothing ever since. Until Now!!!

    Space Witch are back with their new EP – The Alchemy Paradox – A 3 song and 32 minute blistering affair full of heavy long drawn out epic instrumental based Space Rock/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs. The Alchemy Paradox instantly draws you in with it’s sonic based cosmic riffage. It’s loud, heavy with an impending sense of eerie awe an wonder.

    First track – Hang The Witch – is a 13-minute epic blending Sleep style Stoner Metal atmospherics with a sublime fuzz based vibe lurking in the background. The bass guitar is the main weapon of choice here as it’s the main focus with superb drumming driving the song through different layers of perfect audio noisy feedback.

    Imagine Karma To Burn on an epic hazy doomy trippy ride and this should tell you all you need to know about Space Witch. They are truly a great band to check out within the UK Doom/Stoner Metal scene if you’re a fan of instrumental music.

    Second Track – Cosmic Cauldron – is brilliantly titled. As it feels like the band are perfecting the most insane blend of Doom/Space Rock/Stoner Metal riffs your ever likely to hear this year. OK the guys play at a slow pace but it works in their favour. As you need to take your time listening to the excellent music on show. The song barely gets out of first gear in the first 6 mins or so. Though it’s still undeniably fuzzy and heavy to boot. Wait until the 7 minute mark where the band throw caution to the wind and start to have what feels like an impromptu jamming session. But it’s a brilliant track to check out over and over again.

    Lastly but by no means least is probably my fave track on the EP – Black Pyramid. 6 mins of pure blissful sonic carnage. It shows Space Witch are right at home playing fast paced riffs compared to the earlier slow to mid tempo riffs. But this song has a lot of soul, which is very hard to resist. Some great riffs that show Space Witch are a very special band indeed. Even though there are no vocals there is still a cool story to tell done through the power of the almighty riff.

    It takes a band with talent to make you feel emotionally involved with their music when they are relying on their music alone. But Space Witch have pulled off this big time.

    The Alchemy Paradox is a stunning debut release that I urge you all to check out now. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for. Lets hope they don’t go an extended hiatus as before. You need this band in your life.

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released 30 April 2013



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Space Witch Stoke On Trent, UK

Space is trippy, Witch is heavy. Let it be known that the ones who are called Space Witch were spawned in the shining month of July 2007 AD in the kiln strewn kingdom of Stoke on Trent.

They unleashed their astral drone, and the peasants were afraid and they flung themselves down and prayed to the one, for they knew the time had come for the Space Witch.
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